Friday, December 18, 2009

day 4&5

Day 4&5: No new updates still wrapped up.
Day 6(today 12/18)- The day I'm getting my hair done. For right now I will unbraid my hair and pull it back in a band. I will walk out all twisted out. Here are the updates

While I was getting my hair done, the students at Paul Mitchell was complementing my hair and saying how they want to have my texture. that made me happy and my beautician said the same thing. Im glad she's natural and has experence cause she can relate and knows how to take care of it. While she was washing it with Tea Tree shampoo, it felt like it was clarifying my hair. I love getting my hair washed.

It was funny how while I was getting my hair twisted, ppl (mostly white) were amazed how my hair could maintain the twists and they wanted to know how to twist hair. My beautician explained to them. They were really open minded. Proved to me that education is key. and One guy was like "can I touch your hair" I'm a sucker for ppl touching my hair so i let him. He was shocked how my hair can look short one min and long another min ( he gently pulled a twist)

Here are the after results:

My beautician hooked it up, and i have been getting compliments. I like student schools they are cheaper and the environment is different. I support GiGi (my beautician)


  1. This hairstyle is bangin'!

  2. Thank you buddy :D I like that style myself