Monday, December 14, 2009

12/14/09-extended version

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^My trouble spot^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.

I noticed something, I have a "trouble spot". My friend braided my hair and I think she braided too tight around the left front edges. I am focusing on re-growing that spot. When I measured it, it was at 3-4 inches when the avg hair size around the front is 7-8 in. With my hair, it shows thickness more so than length but since I took care of it(from last year) I did notice a difference. It's more moisturized and barely any dandruff :)

So far with my hair journey, I am really paying attention on what my hair likes. It really likes coconut oil and this spritz that I created thanks to Dablacklady from np

My Spritz consists of:

V05 Moisture Milks-Passion Fruit Smoothie, Parachute "100%pure" Coconut oil

What I would do is: I would put like 2-4 squirts
of V05, like 5-7 squirts of Parachute and fill up the squirt bottle with water and shake it up :D thats my spritz concoction. I thought it would be alot harder but I didn't know making Spritz would be easy.

I need to get back on taking my multivitamins and fish oil pills. Also, I got a fauxman brush (Wanna be Denman brush) I'm too cheap to get a denman brush lol. I learned the right way of brushing the hair. Instead of holding the brush where the handle is going from Left to right, I learned the proper way of brushing my hair is to have the handle "Down" and to brush it up and down...If that makes any sense.

Also, I use that "Washing your hair" comb aka the wide-tooth comb. It is easier to detangle.

This is how the back of my hair looks ( Stretched and Unstretched)