Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More updates

I feel so weird in not updating my blog. My computer has been out of whack cause my laptop charger is not working but LETS GET BACK TO BASICS.

Okay first off, I put braid extensions in my hair to keep it in a protective style and I noticed that my hair does better in extensions. Also I'm going forward with my slogan- Starting a New Trend in 2010 and I wanted to start the year with a new style without compromising the health of my hair.

Before the braids: I washed and Deep Conditioned my hair with Egg, v05 conditioner and olive oil. I left it in my hair for about 30 mins. I realized that it makes a difference in my hair when it comes to shedding.This amount of shedding is from having twisties in my hair for 3 weeks-post graduation pictures.

How my hair looks right before I braided my hair:

While I was installing braids, I decided to wash the hair with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and water because it was suggested through aka NP. and what I found out was shocking. There is soo much white stuff in the hair- it came out gooey like. I always used to wonder why my hair used to always itch with braids. It took three washes for me to remove almost most of the white stuff.

Then I blowed dried it (3 packs of hair)

Here are the results both me and my friend did it and it only cost me $5-hair. I LOVE DIY:

Saturday, December 26, 2009


for days11-12, i did absolutely nothing to it lol

day 13-today I want to see if I could style it up. Pictures soon 2 come

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


still maintaining the twists. I just put my hair wrap to keep it fresh :D

Monday, December 21, 2009

day 8

I took out the rubber bands because some of the twists in the back kept coming off. so im just rocking it w/o the twist. NO new updates on my end besides that .

Sunday, December 20, 2009

day 7

Graduation day: I wore the same style to graduation :D

Friday, December 18, 2009

day 4&5

Day 4&5: No new updates still wrapped up.
Day 6(today 12/18)- The day I'm getting my hair done. For right now I will unbraid my hair and pull it back in a band. I will walk out all twisted out. Here are the updates

While I was getting my hair done, the students at Paul Mitchell was complementing my hair and saying how they want to have my texture. that made me happy and my beautician said the same thing. Im glad she's natural and has experence cause she can relate and knows how to take care of it. While she was washing it with Tea Tree shampoo, it felt like it was clarifying my hair. I love getting my hair washed.

It was funny how while I was getting my hair twisted, ppl (mostly white) were amazed how my hair could maintain the twists and they wanted to know how to twist hair. My beautician explained to them. They were really open minded. Proved to me that education is key. and One guy was like "can I touch your hair" I'm a sucker for ppl touching my hair so i let him. He was shocked how my hair can look short one min and long another min ( he gently pulled a twist)

Here are the after results:

My beautician hooked it up, and i have been getting compliments. I like student schools they are cheaper and the environment is different. I support GiGi (my beautician)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

day three is the way to be

I'm not even going to lie, I look forward in posting blogs. I can see why people get addicted to these things. I may have to use those to my advantage lol. Okay back to Hair basics.

I still have my hair styled in big braids- I moisturized it with the spritz that I created and kept it in a wrap. Even though its my last day at my internship 2maro, I don't feel like styling my hair or taking out the braids. So I am going to wear my head wrap and a hat :D can't go wrong with that. Just waiting to get my hair done at the Paul Mitchell School in Orlando. When it came to my hair getting done at a salon (since being natural) I think I only went 5 times in the last four years.... whoa I guess I am real lazy when it comes to pampering myself lol.

One main benefit about student schools is that it is 10x cheaper than regular salons. I also took my multivitamins and fish oil pills. When i was doing that religiously, i noticed better improvement with my health and hair. and I'm trying to join the water challenge. water is essential to the soul :D. Thats all for now